Richard Morrison is a London-based photographer.  His work is mostly about the naturally-found image, the caught moment. His big theme is capturing the everyday life of people, often finding a mix of ambiguity and humour in a scene.  He also responds strongly to spaces without people, to light, shapes and geometry.

“Given that moves are stories made up of thousands of still images, Richard’s photographs are a fresh expression of another narrative, drawn from the world around us....each image has a cinematic quality.”  Stephen Frears, Film Director

In October 2017 Richard Morrison’s second photo-book Seen London was published. It is on sale on this site, and also in Tate Gallery bookshops and elsewhere.  The book is shortlisted in the self-published category, one of four, in the British Book Design and Production Awards in 2018.

Richard also works creating opening title sequences in the movies and tv world.